Sign our manifesto today !

Dear friends, we invite you to sign our manifesto concerning the management of the pandemic and its consequences. The attached form is provided for a signature online.

A lot of questions unanswered for the last two years. We demand answers !

We also invite you to share the link to collect the largest number of signatures as possible.

The manifesto will be made in the hands of the next session of the government on Monday, September 12, 2022, but also sent to the Federal Council, Council of States and the National Council as well as the FMH and by mail to each of the advisors alone.

IMPORTANT : the time limit for the collection of signatures will end on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at midnight !

Thank you all for your support.

A few questions to our Advisers Federal

On what scientific basis researched have you obliged to wear a mask everywhere, especially to young children in schools, then it is even proven on the packaging that they are ineffective ?

How do you explain scientifically that the PCR tests may be false positives or false negatives ? 

How have you been able to exploit a psychosis case while these PCR tests after its designer was not reliable to detect the SARS-coV2 ? 

On what scientific basis do you have issued, claiming that it was 95% effective permission injections covid whereas you knew for a fact that there was no step back from these injections, especially as it was announced as an injection experimental ?

Are you going to continue the university of GENEVA and the university hospital CHUV, who, through their representatives, you were misled about the effectiveness of injections and the psychosis destructive that it has created

How have you dared to discriminate as many of your fellow citizens sovereign, by establishing a pass health restrictive, which had more the air of a vaccination requirement, which has created a true tragedy of social and economic then that you had never given clear information on the composition of these injections and their consequences, while having no scientific data on the potential side effects ?

We have their support !

Friends of the Constitution

Strengthen direct democracy

The citizen movement of the Friends of the Constitution was created to block the ambitions of hand-placed on the Sovereign power. 

We defend the fundamental values enshrined in the swiss Constitution: liberty, equality, fraternity, sustainability, justice and peace.

The Movement Is Inherent In Romand

The Movement is inherent in French-speaking switzerland (, in addition to its other actions, gives voice to all citizens that the gags, which have lost their freedom to express their feelings, their desires, their worries in the face of the institutions that depart in the drift, and to the fundamental values that are trodden upon. That is why we support this manifesto.